Saturday, July 12, 2008

Adventures in preggy massage

I was so pumped for my "at home" pregnancy massage today, since it was the same price as going somewhere...and I see bodywork as a necessary expense for carrying around a nearly grown human being in my belly. =)  Well, it wasn't that great.  Actually, it was unfortunately really quite bad.  And I feel guilty saying that, because she was very nice.  But she chatted the ENTIRE time in a loud voice about her other clients (punctuated with nervous laughter at weird, unfunny times), and didn't seem to notice I was trying to zone out.  Also, she did that thing where she uses only the tips of her fingers and just pinches muscles.  And there weren't really pillows for my preggy body, so I was on my side on the hard table with her poking around in my muscles.  Hmm.  I feel like she just added "prenatal massage" to her bullet points on the website because she didn't mind if her client had a huge belly...not that she really understood the physiology of carrying a bowling ball around all day.  

So, I'm sounding more complainy than I mean to (I'm actually in a great mood today!), but I was a bit frustrated to have gotten a really amateur massage for a "full price" session.  Plus, I really NEEDED a good massage to combat the preggy pain!  This wasn't just about pampering; it was a true necessity.  She didn't even put a dent in the lower back pain (but she did massage my arms 3 times...???).  

But...all is well that ends well, and we have a glorious solution.  I window-shopped on Amazon, and found that they sell actual massage tables for the cost of 2 professional massages.  Steve offered to practice doing some preggy massages and do them for me.  Okay!  Since I know I'll need at least one or two after delivering Simone, this will be a good investment.  And it will be nice to have someone massaging me where I can say..."Um, can you forget about my arms and just spend an hour on my lower back?"  I guess I could have with a professional, too, but I'm socially awkward like that. ;)  

I love my hubby.  And I'm excited to be getting my new table on Tuesday (free 2 day shipping...LOVE Amazon), so I can have daily massages in exchange for growing his baby.  =) 

Seems like a fair trade.  ;)

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