Sunday, July 13, 2008

Baby Blessing

There is nothing more sentimental, emotional, and awesome than to get a group of moms together to talk about babies.  I had the most incredible day at Simone's Baby Blessing.  I feel such a surge of excitement and amazement that I'm about to give birth - as part of this phenomenal, intricate Female Experience.  

I loved all the symbolism - the beads from each woman, the yarn bracelets, the flower crown.  They did such a lovely job planning it.  And the presents were just precious!  I think baby blessings over baby showers make a lot of sense for second (and third!) babes, because the gifts were so thoughtful.  Caramel chocolates (yum!), candles, lavender scents for birth, a precious little hand-sewn dress for Simone, frames for her pics, and a really neat wind chime to remind me of her birth/pregnancy.  Considering how much I loved Steve's foot massage last night, I really appreciated Paula's foot massage set.  There was so much loving energy in the gifts, even beyond the materialness of them.  

What wonderful women I have in my life!  I love this village of fabulous friends and female influences helping shepherd Simone into the world.   I really loved the yarn bracelet idea, because afterward (when I was at the grocery store) I started thinking about these 10 women walking around with their purple bracelets until she's born and felt really emotional about it.  It did make me feel part of this circle of people rooting for us. 

Birth is so magical.  And today just accentuated that it's not just about the physical and emotional aspects of getting this little person out of my body, but also that this is about bringing a new life into the world...and all the people in her life waiting to greet her.  

I feel very blessed today.

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