Saturday, July 19, 2008

My sweet boys

Okay, so it's really working well to crash between 4 or 5pm and then wake up 4 or 5 hours later. It's apparently the only stretch of the day I CAN sleep, so the insomnia now due to the nap doesn't matter as much. I got some things ready for the potluck over here tomorrow and threw in a load of Andrew's cloth dipes in the a few less things to do tomorrow. Not being exhausted feels pretty nice! I have some final presentations to grade for the economics class that just ended, but I'm not sure I feel like doing that right now. So I'll procrastinate by blogging. =)

As I was snuggling Jack before bed tonight, I asked if he wanted my arm under his head. "No, not really. But I really like when your hand rests against me." And then he wrapped his limbs around mine and nestled his head into mine. Without the landscape of the sweet snuggle and the precious scent of my boy's hair in my nose, the beauty of what he said might be lost. But it was a really, really awesome mother-moment. I love that little boy.

I also loved when he said to me today: "I think the way your hair is next to your face is pretty." I'm not entirely sure what he meant... unless it's because I actually combed my hair today...but it was heart-warming.

He brought me a greeting card today from my stash of "fancy cards" for holidays. He took one with a 3D wedding cake (one of the nicest ones in the stack) and "wrote" a story on it about a rocket brushing against a planet so it had to slow down....etc. He was so proud as he handed me this special card with a special story.

Does every mother feel like their child was born with a big light in their soul? My little creature children.

Today, Andrew started peeing into the bathtub (over the side) - the toilet was too high, I guess. Steve was telling me about it, and Andrew was enthusiastically sharing it too. Something about "pee pee" and lots of pointing and then taking my hand to show me how he could re-enact the scene. He's getting so many words (my favorite being "poppy" for paci), but my favorite form of communication is the direct one: When he grabs my finger and takes me right to what he wants. If he doesn't know the word, he just says: "Peas? peas?" The fact that he consistently says "please" and "thank you" is super-duper-cute. Since we've never mentioned it to him, it must just mean we say it a lot...or that he's getting it from Jack. Who knows? But it's darn cute.

I think I'm going to go snuggle with my sleeping boys for a few minutes.

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