Friday, July 11, 2008

The countdown begins...part 2

Well, I did the dishes. So now I'm ready for Simone to arrive.  :)  Actually, I just ordered the belly casting kit to arrive on Monday, so it might be best for her to stay put until then.  A belly casting of a "just birthed a baby" stomach isn't really much to memorialize.  :) 

I have a question I'd like to ask the Universe.  Um...why is it so necessary to be CRABBY before a baby is born?  I mean, seriously.  Shouldn't I be bathed with the warmth and love of the maternal spirit?  And in some ways, I guess I am.  I'm falling even more in love with my boys by being pregnant.  I keep being reminded of when I was in these last few weeks of waiting with their pregnancies, and am overwhelmed with amazement at their current selves.  I mean, Jack is telling me we need to call China and ask them to stop making toys because they all break.  Or telling me he'll hold his pee until the next exit for a dollar.  Andrew is getting into fencing positions and stabbing the air in a mock sword fight, or responding to my admonishment about sharp knives ("These aren't for babies") by saying very seriously: "They fo' babies."   These little beings!  Amazing!  That they move and breathe and think and all that stuff.   The absolute insanity of parenthood and these marvelous little creatures, and we get to have ANOTHER one in our lives.  I feel too lucky to be crabby...and yet, I'm crabby.  

I'm too tired to pick up clutter, but my nesting instinct wants the house clean.  I remember both times before wondering how I'd get up the energy to birth my babies when I could hardly get off the couch after dinner.  I thought I'd have a better sense of it this time, but I find myself wondering the same birthin' is hard work!  Thank god for endorphins, man, because the adrenaline rush of birth is quite a trip.  I could use a bit of adrenaline rush right now...

Luckily, Jack seems very understanding.  He keeps reassuring me that I need to sleep to grow Simone, and tells Andrew that they should give me some space.  I do feel a bit bad at how lethargic their mama is...but it's also nice when they toddle off to the playroom to give mama some space. Tee hee.  What cuties.  

So tomorrow, I'm not going to be crabby.  While I'm making resolutions, how's about I'm not an insomniac tonight?  :)  And that I'm actually going to fold my laundry?  

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