Monday, August 4, 2008

Creating my nest

I look around our life and can completely see why Simone hasn't been born yet. It's a good move on her part. There's been a bit of chaos with the peripheral things, and I suspect my body is/was sending signals that it wasn't time yet. It's like preparing for a snowstorm and needing to line up the supplies before it's really a good time. All the Simone things were in order (and have been for months!) and I was SO ready to meet her. But the backdrop has been a little shuffled, and I think babies have an impeccable sense for that.

Summer semester was over yesterday, and while I did a lot of prep work to ease any last minute stuff, there were still some papers to grade. Now, there's a couple of weeks with no PPCC classes...and then the new semester doesn't require too much attention for the first couple of weeks. Just answering email questions and responding to introductions. But paper grading won't be for awhile for PPCC, which is the only part that *really* takes time. And even then, I'll have a week to grade them at my pace.

UOP is constantly rotating, but no one wants classes in July and August (even online ones) - so my load is at an all-time low. Only TWO classes. Amazing. And since 2 just finished so I'm starting 2 more, the load of "beginning" a class is pretty lite. And it's so flexible that my labor/delivery won't be an issue at all. (Simone...pssst...this is a great week to arrive!). ;)

Jack, Andrew, and now Simone all seemed to know how to come just at the perfect teaching time. I took off an entire summer semester for Jack, but only *needed* a couple of weeks. It was a bit frustrating to have to wait, but it was better than missing a fall or spring semester. Simone and Andrew came during breaks between semesters, without having really planned ahead for those specifics. Since my teaching tends to make me a more energized mom, I'm happy to keep that in the background of my new babyhoods. I normally run 10-14 classes, so having only 2 for the next couple of weeks seems like quite a maternity leave. =)

I stayed up until 3 last night (who am I kidding...I go to bed at 3AM anyway lately) getting the final grades all input. Whether she comes in the next day or so or not, it was SO NICE to have that done! And my students were amazed to have gotten feedback and final grades on their papers within hours of submission. Tee hee. If they had any idea I was on the verge of birthing... ;) I love the anonymity of teaching online. My big pregnant belly, bowl of popcorn, lemonade and PJs at 2AM, sending back these "official" feedback letters to them.

The rest of the peripheral stuff? I think that's died down too. At least, anything I need to do. I'm ready to slip into my "about to birth a baby" cocoon and just focus on this sweet little girl I'm going to be holding soon.

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