Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ode to Autumn...and Little Gym

Today is shaping up to be a pretty great week.  I think I automatically start loving life when it turns fall, as I love the cooler weather of spring and fall.  I get this urge to purge my stuff and clean my house and get ready to burrow in for the winter.  Probably a holdover from my Minnesota childhood, when we didn't leave the house unless absolutely required for the 7 months of winter. =) 

I've got Christmas about 90% purchased and am hoping for a stretch of non-child time to wrap them all up (without "helpers" wanting to cut and tape for me). ;)  I love all the holidays coming up: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Yummy.  My brain is already spinning about planning a family Halloween party for next month, so all the dads can come too.  I love this stuff.  The fall season is just made for me.  There's also sooooo many things to do around here from October through Christmas.  Every museum and attraction has special things for the different holidays, so there are fun family events every weekend.  I'm excited to do the Polar Express with Jack this year...we'll have to see if it's too old for Andrew.  The craft time could be a disaster!

Andrew and Steve went to Little Gym last night for the free trial class.  Steve said it was so adorable.  When he first got there, Andrew was quiet and shy and wouldn't even high-five the teacher.  Then he was doing somersaults like crazy and having a blast.  Steve said the teacher just loved Andrew and his "spunk."  I called today to enroll him in the class, because a 6pm Tuesday class works perfectly.  He gets some one-on-one time with Steve, gets out some energy, and then comes home and falls asleep for the night =) 

And...being home with just Simone and Jack was well worth it too.  Simone slept part of the time, so Jack and I made brownies.  When she was up and needed nursed, I read to him without having Munchkins #1 and #2 competing to be closer to the book.  Jack got his one-on-one time too, which has been my main mission moving into 3 kiddos.  

We had a bunch of kids over today - about 7 of us and our kids.  What a great mix of little ones, as most of them were Jack's age...and then 2 other boys for Andrew.  Even Simone had a friend, since Ashley's babe is just a few weeks younger.  I can't believe how great the days go when we pass them with friends, as I looked up after they left and it was almost time for Steve to come home.  It's Mother Magic, as I feel rejuvenated at the end of the day... instead of pressing my nose to the front window waiting for Steve's car to pull in so he could take whatever grumpy child was currently crying.  =)  We need to do that more often, now that getting out and about is slightly more complicated.  The idea of museum outings seem a bit hit-or-miss for a few months, until Simone starts having more of a pattern that can be planned around.  I don't even care that there are toys strewn from one end of the house to was SO worth it!  

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