Saturday, September 13, 2008

Some funny things...

...or at least, I think they are.  These are a few things I want to make sure to remember...

This morning, I announced I was going to go to the bathroom.  Dunno why, but our family is weird like that.  Andrew runs into the bathroom ahead of me, opens the toilet lid, and gives a hand flourish like he's a Maitre'De seating me at a table, saying: "Here you go!"  Um... thanks, kiddo!  

Also, when I said to Steve: "Would you mind bringing up that laundry basket of towels?" I guess Andrew thought I was asking him, as he went over to it and actually lifted it!  He carried it about 2 feet (an amazing feat of strength for someone so tiny!) and then decided to push it across the floor to the stairs.  Brute and brains...if you ask me, that was pretty good problem-solving!

Steve took Jack to the science class in his car, so Jack's car seat in the van was empty when I took Andrew and Simone out.  Andrew got to sit in Jack's car seat, and he was ecstatic.  These things are very exciting when you're a one-year-old.  I looked back at him while I was driving and said (just to make conversation): "Are you my special baby?"  He sat up proudly in the seat and said seriously: "No. I big boy." 

Green Coin-gate:  Jack came into the bedroom this morning and told me (quite grimly) that Steve said he'd give him the green toy coin after Jack put on his pants.  Okay.  Trying to be helpful, I said: "So it sounds like it's best to put on your pants if you want the green coin."  Says Jack: "Maybe that's best for Daddy, but it's not best for me."

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