Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Watching them grow

It's like watching grass grow, I guess, seeing the evolution of these little monkeys we made.  On a regular basis (whether we're sweeping up dumped food or watching them do something adorable), we say: "Can you believe we MADE these little persons?"  The sweet little snuggles and warm breath as we tuck them in, or the stomped-foot pouty face of a one-year-old who found out all the strawberries are gone.  They are these completely independently functioning persons, and it blows. my. mind.  

Today we were wrapping the presents for Dad, and Jack wanted to wrap his on his own.  He actually did a great job!  But then...he labeled it himself.  "Dad.  Jack."  Scrawling toddler letters in silver sharpie on the wrapping paper, and he didn't even need help from me.  It raced my mind back to last Christmas - such a different little boy in our midst.  What he's learned!  What he can do!  This articulate, kind, mature little person.  The other day, his friend mentioned the Arctic.  In my mind, I thought to myself, "Oh, he might not know what the Arctic is."  And then I hear him tell Ethan: "Yeah, polar bears live there!  It's sooooo cold in the Arctic."  Hmm.  To have him leading this parallel existence (his classes, watching PBS, reading books with Daddy) where I've lost track of what he knows and what he's experienced.   He'll read me signs that we've never discussed, and I'll wonder what lurks below that strawberry blonde hair.  I'm having so much fun learning who he is.

I was grilling the chicken last night on the Foreman, and had the little oil drip pan along the side.  Andrew (mouth full of food) came up to me - looked at the drip pan - and made a twisting motion with his hand.  I looked down and saw I had it flipped wrong.  I fixed it, and he nodded approvingly and walked away...mouth still stuffed with food.   If I wonder too long about how this tiny little person took enough notes about life to know the direction of the drip pan, I fear my brain might explode from the wonder of it all.  

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