Sunday, October 12, 2008


Children crack me up.  We're making gifts for the grandparents for Christmas, and Jack was going to decorate a blank white computer mousepad.  He shut himself in the office to "draw a race car" (because who wouldn't love a race car drawing!), but then came out with this.  I thought to myself that it oddly looked more like a monkey wearing glasses than a race car, since he usually draws pretty decent likenesses.  "Look!  It's Grandma Candy wearing her glasses!"  Too funny.  She's much prettier in person, I assure you. ;) 

I was watching him label it with "Grandma," and saw a long pause at the top of the final line of "N" while he thought about something - and then another line down to make an "M."  I wasn't going to mention it was "wrong" (thinking he didn't know)- and then he says to me: "I think I like "M" better than "N."  Hahaha!  I love this kid!

Candy is going to think it's a hoot.  She's so great about appreciating things like this they do.  I'm not sure I can wait until Christmas, so I'll probably send it to her this week.  Good thing she's in Hawaii, so she doesn't get the surprise spoiled by reading the blog. ;) 

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