Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A little chuckle...

Simone and Andrew were sleeping, so only Jack was going to go to the Y with Steve.  We realized Childwatch wasn't open yet, but we'd already told Jack he was going.  I wanted Steve to work out while the little ones were asleep, so I offered to give Jack a present instead of going to the Y.  [Yes, I often resort to bribery, especially to assuage disappointment I'm responsible for causing...].

Jack, a little while later: "So why wasn't the childcare place open at Daddy's gym?"

Me: "Because the babysitter wasn't there yet."

Jack: "Could we have hired another babysitter to take with us? Then you could do your work."

Me: "Well, that's why I gave you a new slinky to keep you occupied."

Jack, with a thoughtful look: "Oh.  I see.  So the slinky is babysitting me.  I gotcha."

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