Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Too much love...

I was feeling a tad overstimulated by munchkin-love today.  I felt like there were children everywhere...wrestling each other and crawling over me to do it.  Running past my leg in the 49th lap around the kitchen.  Throwing balls off my head. 

Life doesn't go as well when we stay home all day.  We can drive each other crazy. ;)

They'd been following me from room to room, not even needing me or interacting with me.  Just needing to be within a 2 foot radius while I emptied the dryer, loaded the dishwasher.  If I stepped backward, I landed on someone's foot.  

I decided I needed a chocolate break, so I sneaked into the pantry to snag a peanut butter cup meant for trick-or-treaters.  I thought they'd been occupied playing, so I assumed I was alone...standing in the closet area, savoring my candy.  I turned around and Jack and Andrew were standing right behind me, about 3 feet away.  No clothes.  Holding hot dogs.  Staring at me silently, just waiting to see where we were all going next.  It was a strange scene.

Me: "May I ask...why is it necessary to follow my every move?"

Jack, with his typical matter-of-fact shrug and eyebrow raise: "Because we love you!"

I see.

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