Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night

So I’m sitting at my computer feeling overwhelmed with emotion and not sure what to say. Just....wow. That Barack is now officially declared president is ...mind-boggling. I keep thinking I don’t want to forget this moment, but then...I don’t think that there’s much chance that I will. This feels good on so many levels.

It’s funny, because none (and I mean, NONE) of my awe of him was ever related to race. And yet I am in love with the idea that my children will now grow up thinking that a Black president is a non-event. That’s pretty damn cool. A bit like my confusion at why Kennedy being Irish Catholic was ever an issue. I hope that the racial divides will become this strange historical oddity. But that's such a tiny variable in why I'm feeling great about how things turned out.

I’m feeling so proud of our generation. For voting. For caring. For not noticing his skin color. For proving that we weren’t lazy and unfeeling...we just needed something to get passionate about. That Steve and I are voting for the first time, actually watching election coverage, and sensing for the first time that maybe our votes really DID matter. That Steve got up freakishly early to go in and vote this morning. And yes...I took the cowardly way and voted by mail. But the idea of standing in line for 4 hours with a newborn, 22mo, and a 4yo....I figured my vote counted just as much being mailed in. And with the eeked out Obama win in Virginia, perhaps it really did matter.

Four years ago, I wasn’t even registered to vote. I’m not even I entirely knew who was running, except in vague generalities. You’d think I was kidding for how invested I was this time around. As a mother, I now get that we have to take some voice in our future.

What a great night.

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