Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pretty Princess

I love my husband. I was sick today, so on his only weekend day (he had basketball coaching yesterday), he ended up having all the responsibilities around the house. Did our pile of dishes from my bakefest yesterday, sorted our mound of laundry from laundry day, etc. And he had the kids most of the day, except for when I popped my sick head out to check on how things were going and offer some bare minimum assistance before flopping back in bed. His only respite was when Dawn took Jack to the birthday party, which was amazing. Jack came home so wired from glee, you could have lit a lightbulb on his head. But the rest of the time was pretty much non-stop chaos.

And now...Steve is downstairs with Simone (the boys are in bed), and I can hear him saying in that sing-songy "dad voice": "Are you a pretty princess? You are! Are you a pretty princess? Pretty princess! I love you, pretty princess!" He loves that little girl so much. I wonder if he ever pictured this, back when he was in high school or college. The crazy places parenthood can take you...

I was nuts about my dad growing up (I mean...I still am, of course!), and had always thought there was something really magical about the daddy/daughter bond. My dad's belief in me definitely set me up for reaching a lot of goals in my life I might not have otherwise explored. It also set the bar VERY high for a man I'd marry, although I think my dad and I would both agree I found someone pretty damned perfect for me. So it only served as a positive for how my adulthood structured itself. Steve and I both call him regularly for thoughts on things, because he's a great mentor to both of us.

When I see Steve with Simone, I'm so excited for both of them. That she has a man like that adoring her already (and two big brothers, too!) can't help but give her high expectations for how to be treated and loved. And Steve...goodness. He's loving having a sweet little girl around. He's a goon over her!

She really is the sweetest little thing you'll ever see. She smells so sweet. Smiles so sweetly. Coos and chats with you like it means something. How she folds her tiny little hands together while she sleeps. Oh my. I can't believe how much love I have for her already.

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