Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blogging about death

In the midst of my writings about the end of my mom's life, this woman was journalling about her own last days. She died in the same week as my mom.

I would have loved to know this woman.

I cannot even fathom knowing I was going to die while my children were still tiny. Unthinkable, that heartbreak. I was reading it tonight, and cried so hard when she talked about giving her son a pacifier for the first time - that nipple confusion was the least of his concerns at this point. Oh my. To look into my babies' eyes and know that they'll live their childhood without a mom?

I'm reminded about how grateful I am for the way things went with my mother's muscular dystrophy. We got more time than we were expecting with her. Craig commented that he was glad she didn't die in our childhood, and I do feel such a blessing that her passing was after we'd all moved out. Craig just went to the Group Home recently, and before that, her loss would have been more as a mothering figure than as the person we loved.

Death comes in so many ways.

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