Sunday, January 11, 2009

Is it sinful that... favorite parts of church are:

(1) Getting my children dressed in adorable outfits and having them look distinguished for an hour a week? (As in: no chocolate or strawberry smears on their face, cowlicks combed down, and wearing non-muddy shoes...)

(2) That there's a valid reason to do my hair and shower, and then I look presentable the rest of the day? Wearing my church duds to the auto show made me feel like a Real Person. I don't think there was a single food stain on me!

(3) Having an hour alone with my husband to hold hands and whisper sweet nothings during the sermon? Not that we whisper, mind you... ;)

(4) That the minister uses "whom" correctly in context?

(5) Drinking punch and treats afterward?

I guess thinking that spirituality and faith in God is a way of life and not connected to a church service makes the social aspects of church more riveting. ;)

For the record, I certainly think there are valid spiritual reasons to focus on internal growth once a week and just meditate on things. So I'm not completely exploiting church for superficial means. But at this point in mothering, 3 clean children wearing non-stained clothing and my hair curled is about as big of a miracle as the world has ever seen. And at 9:30 on a weekend morning! Amazing!

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