Monday, January 5, 2009

My love/hate relationship with computers

Nothing is better than...

Finally seeing the green light on the indicator and getting the test page to print, after 7 hours (okay, 6 hours and 48 minutes) of being perched up on the fireplace alcove (hard to explain) trying to get the wireless printer to print. That's the only place our cable can connect to it. Turns out, Lexmark just had a bad Mac driver and I needed to download a new one. But this resolution came after:

(1) Changing all the settings for my wireless connection, eventually rendering our ACTUAL computer wireless unusable.

(2) A call to the WRONG CABLE COMPANY (whoops, I guess we have Cox now and not Comcast), when a nice man walked me through 15 minutes of looking up my account in 20 different ways and finally gently said: "Is it possible you don't have an account with us?" When it clicked that I was calling the old cable service, I muttered something about looking up the account number and calling back....and then hung up quickly.

(3) Calling the RIGHT cable company, who walked me through all the steps and told me that my cable was working, so I'd need to call Apple about my router.

(4) Called Apple, where a nice man in India informed me that my Airport Express tech support ran out 1085 days ago (yep, he actually said that) and that the call would cost me $49. Fearing it would be another dead-end, my cheapskate side kicked in and I said: "Um, let me Google a bit more."

(5) Aforementioned man from India took pity on me, and offered to do the call for free. I must have sounded pathetic right out of the gate.

(6) Finally got the computer's wireless connection back (gawd, I love when that amber light turns green!), and THEN learned that the problem all along was a crummy printer driver not working with Mac. Explains why my brilliant efforts were falling flat. Okay, they weren't that brilliant...but they weren't bad enough to merit 6.75 hours hunched over my laptop on the fireplace alcove, hiding behind the flat screen TV. I need a picture for this to make sense...maybe I'll post one later on.

Anyway...I finally found some angered Mac customers posting to online forums about the bad printer driver, found a link for the new one, and downloaded it. We're all good.

I can now hide in my bedroom closet and wirelessly print to the downstair's office, if I so desire. And you know...after all that work, I just might try it.

I can now cross this 3-month-old task off my to-do list.

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