Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sweet Simone

There's something especially magical about knowing Simone is my last child. I savor the scents of her sweet little head. How silky baby skin feels. The awe that my Last Baby is mobile and can't be left unattended on the bed. Her sweet little chubby arms and roly-poly belly. And those wondrous eyes. She's so breathtakingly beautiful. Her little baby mouth. That tuft of hair that sticks up on the top of her head. Everything about her just seems like perfection and the miracle of new personhood.

When she was born, I was struck by her calm sense of peace about her. Such a gentle spirit. That's become even more notable to me now, as she was the perfect baby to be born into this time of loss. She has this look of "knowingness" about her. When I look at her little sleeping self, I just know that everything is going to be great. That life is about loving and doing and squeezing everything we can out of it. That giving this little person a childhood of love and hugs and giggles is the best way to bring meaning to life. And meaningful life seems like the best way to make sense out of any death, even the "good" deaths.

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