Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Art Show

I love Jack's art. It feels like the most pure window into his little brain, and I love to see how it works. He told me today he wishes his drawings could come to life and that his imagination would be "real-size." I adore his imaginative side.

I love the self-portrait of him prancing through the snowflakes. I love his "lion-dragonfly" that looked just like a dragonfly with a mane. I love his picture of Andrew standing on his hands while Jack stands off to the side. I love the one of Simone, with her trademark stick-up hair represented.

His art brings me so much joy.

There are hundreds of pictures that might tie for favorite, but I decided to scan in this one. This picture just seemed to summarize Jack in the most perfect way. He "invented a new dinosaur"...and this was his blueprint to build it out of recycling stuff.

My favorite part, hands down, was the juxtaposition of the fierce new dinosaur stomping around under all of these smiling clouds. His trademark art characteristic seems to be smiling-things, which I think an art psychologist would say means he's content with life. =) Or so we'd like to think. There is always something smiling in his pictures...even clouds or trees.

If you can't get the full view of the ferociousness of the dinosaur, you can click on it to make it bigger.

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