Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Becoming a technophile

Oh geez. I'm joining Facebook.

To be fair, I joined back in August. But...I got scared off when an online student "found" me within hours of activating. So I changed my profile name to a fake one and haven't been on since. Haha. I wasn't actually that scared...but I did decide I didn't want to water down my professional profile with my pictures of my kiddos. I like the anonymity of teaching online.

It appears that I'm about the last one on the earth to join Facebook, however...so today I went in and asked them to change me back to my real name. And fiddled with some privacy settings, so I *think* an online student can't just find me. Dunno. We'll see. ;)

Plus, to be honest...I haven't really had the time to delve into Facebook and figure it all out. But now that Steve is done coaching, I might have a bit more free time....so, I decided to become more cool and hip. And, this will quiet all the people who keep asking me if I'm on Facebook. ;)

I've succumbed.

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