Wednesday, February 11, 2009

By Jack

Jack (4yo) was making a picture book for Grandma Candy. He drew himself with a chef hat and wrote (without assistance, hence the creative spelling):

"jack d shef bx" (translation: Jack the chef bakes)

He spells "the" as "d" when he's writing on his own, because that's how he pronounces it. But my favorite was how he spelled "bakes" as "bx." When he read it back to himself, he decided he was missing an "A"...

"Hmm. I guess it just has an invisible A. Maybe it's hiding on top of the B?"

And he always ends every story with "d end" for "the end."

I was feeling crabby today, and his little picture and spelling made me smile.

For the book for me, he wrote about how "Jack came home and suddenly there was an alligator." "Suddenly" was spelled "sunwe." Probably because his "L" still sounds like a "W" as he's saying it to himself.


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