Thursday, February 19, 2009

WWSD: What Would Suki Do?

I had a facial tonight. Last time I had one, I was early pregnancy with Simone. So it's been awhile. Suki is divinity incarnate. She's awesome. Not just with facials, although I look downright glowing thanks to her...but her whole persona. She just makes you feel special and cared about. It's been nearly a year since I saw her, and you know what she said? "So you had Simone! How are the boys? Are you still teaching online and your husband teaching math?"

Now, I'm not totally naive. She likely keeps some sort of notebook of her clients and reviews before visits. I'm not thinking the minutiae of my life is worthy of yearlong recall. But still! She has this essence that just makes you want to be around her. That she takes those extra steps, even if it is a "magic trick," is something I admire in her. She really focuses on you and cares about that moment with you.

It helps of course, that she is paid to give foot massages and such. But I've had a lot of massages and facials that fell flat because the person didn't have the right spirit behind them.

I just came away wanting to be more like Suki. Too bad I'm horrendous with names, so remembering details about someone for a year isn't likely. And giving random head massages could be creepy. But somehow, I'll find a way to make myself more Suki-like.

She rocks my world.

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