Friday, March 20, 2009

Heard from the backseat....from Andrew

Andrew was within seconds of sleep, but we had decided to stop by Target for the Spidermen instead (long story). I said to the boys: "If Andrew falls asleep, we'll go back later. I promise we'll do it some time today, even if it's not right now."

Andrew, with his eyes suddenly flying open: "Me all done."

"You're all done what?"

He looks very serious and contemplative. "Me all done sleeping. Go buy Spiderman." And then suddenly, he punches the air with passion: "Go! Buy! Spiderman! YAAAAAY!"

You can see where his passions lie. Watching Spiderman on repeat on the 24 hour drive home from my mom's funeral evidently made an impact, as we haven't been able to find the DVD in weeks and he's still committed. =)


Anonymous said...

Was this for the lost black spiderman? =)


Sarahbeth said...

I think he was located (thankfully!). ;) I don't really know why they needed more, but they earned some extra money helping Steve with the landscaping. =)