Sunday, March 8, 2009

Life's a beach

I love living by the ocean. Love it. I'm butting in on Steve's dream a bit, as we're living blocks from the ocean for him - he loves the water. I wanted to be surrounded by trees (and calculated the number of museums per square mile), so it's not quite right to love it so much. I can't believe my children's playground is on the beach. We chuckle about how our kids won't even appreciate the wonder of it all - just going to the ocean on a family walk - and maybe that's okay. We jumped through so many hoops to chase down this life for ourselves. All those moves and schooling and jobs and whatnots along the way...and now here we are, settled. For real this time. I love it here. People talk about hating the bustle and the tourists, and maybe we would if we had to drive down and park in the chaos. But Jack on his bike and Andrew in Simone in the stroller, just taking a family walk on the fabulous to me. Arab men in turbans and people speaking Polish and other languages I couldn't place. This is where our family was meant to be.

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