Monday, March 16, 2009

Self-education of Andrew

I found out today that Andrew can count. Quite by chance. Jack counted three of something, and Andrew picked up where he left off. In his sweet little "Andrew-voice" (gotta hear it to get the full effect), he counted up to 19. He must have known things come after it (but wasn't quite sure what), because then he just kept repeating "nineteen...nineteen...nineteen..." like a broken record.

Funny especially because I was just thinking a few weeks ago that maybe I should teach him to count to 10. If he has the alphabet memorized, wouldn't that mean he could remember numbers too? It shows he's capable of up to 26 units memorized, right? But, I never got around to it amidst the hectic schedule of tumbling classes, playing Spiderman, and running around in the backyard. =)

Just when I have those moments where I think I have to "teach" my children in specific sit-down ways, they'll jump in with something like this that lets me know they've got it all under control. They'll evolve even if I've been spacey about the rote memorization of early education.

Quite a relief. I've never been good at that stuff anyway.

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