Monday, March 23, 2009

Well, yes...but...

Andrew has the unfortunate (or perhaps more accurately....the inconvenient) habit of fearlessness, so I often wonder when (not "if") we'll end up in the ER with a broken limb. I'm floored it hasn't happened yet.

And he's at the age [he just turned 2] where the "forbidden" is even more tantalizing - so if we ask him not to slide headfirst down the stairs and then do a somersault 5 steps from the can see that every cell of his body wants to do that very thing.

I'm not quite sure what to do with our little dude.

So today, I tried a new tactic. Instead of begging, scolding, sounding scarily firm, and other failed attempts...I scooped him into my lap and looked right into his eyes. "Andrew. It scares Mommy when you go headfirst down the stairs. This is dangerous. I know it seems fun, but it would NOT be fun for you or Mommy if you broke your neck. What would happen if you break your neck?"

"You hug me."

Oh my.

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