Friday, April 24, 2009

Family slumber party

A very, very lovely night.

We decided to go grand-scale with our family movie night, and turned it into a Family Slumber Party. Adding "party" at the end always gets Jack and me revved up. We do love a good party.

I planned the festivities: a blow-up mattress and all the pillows/comforters from the house in the living room. We voted on a movie, so I was stuck watching Star Wars. I mean, it's an okay movie. But I do fear my movie nights will be filled for the next couple of decades with 80's guy-flicks. I should have had another daughter or two to help with the voting process.

Jack drew/wrote a menu for the night: "popsicls," "pancake," and "pocon" [that would be "popcorn"]. It was the first time he'd spelled phonetically with a silent "e"...and he matter-of-factly informed me it was because the second "a" says its own name, so it *must* have an e at the end. Hmm. I guess they do learn things as we muddle along...I'll save that in his stack of "milestone" drawings.

We had so much fun. Steve made the pancakes in the shape of light sabers, I made the popsicles out of mixed frozen berries and pineapple and OJ. Delicious. We had little movie theater bags for the homemade popcorn.

The boys just went down at 10pm, so we might be kicking ourselves tomorrow for the festivities. But for right now, snuggling down two sweet, cuddly, happy boys was worth any ramifications in the morning. We put the blow-up mattress at the foot of our bed, so we're sleeping like a family in a teepee tonight. Well...a teepee with a blow-up mat and a king-size bed. And AC and running water.

This week, to celebrate Earth Day and just to shake things up a bit, we decided to do a re-do of our Food Challenge from the winter (see other post for how we have fun as a family)...but do a spending freeze instead for the rest of the month. Complete non-consumers. It's given us some creative brainstorming...nothing but regular bills and gasoline for the car. Tonight was a fantastic reminder that sometimes, it's just about being creative with the same old stuff.

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