Monday, May 18, 2009


Oh, I'm so behind on blogging. I've had some work stuff requiring a lot of writing, so I'm all "written-out" a the end of the day. I haven't even memorialized our 9-night stay in the hotel due to the burst pipe. Oh goodness.

Anyway, I wanted to jot the mind-doodle down for posterity:

The Talking Battleship game was still out on the table from last night, in my office. Andrew said to me this morning: "Mommy. I think I'm going to do a *little* bit of work..." (with that little head tilt and gesture I love so much)...and then sat down at the Battleship game like it was a laptop. And started typing on the fake keyboard saying, "One...two...three...four..."

I was also awakened far too early this morning by little Andrew at my bedroom door saying (with no trace of fear): "Hey, Mom. There's a bad guy here." Said in the same voice as you might say, "Hey, Mom. The UPS guy is here."

I took notice and went down to check, since last week Andrew informed me that a bad guy was "out the window and under the house." I assured him resolutely that there was no "bad guy"...only to read an email later telling me that the duct-work guy came by at 2:00pm (the time Andrew reported the bad guy) to go under the house and take some moisture readings.


From now on, I'll not be so quick to assume there are no bad-guys under my house!

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