Monday, June 15, 2009

Closet guys

As I was tucking the boys in tonight, the closet door was open. Said Andrew, with zero trace of fear or concern (purely matter-of-fact): "Hey, Mommy? Can you please shut the closet? I don't want a bad guy to get me." This has been an ongoing theme with him. The closet must be shut.

The humor of this to me, especially in light of his lack of true terror, is that I hate the closet door open while I sleep. If Steve or I forget to shut it before bed, I get disoriented with the shadows and can't make sense of them. If I'm awake enough to have my senses, I'll even get up to shut it in the middle of the night.

Andrew, however, wouldn't know this. He has no idea that his mom is fanatical about closet doors and sleep, too. It makes you wonder how traits are passed along.

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