Saturday, June 13, 2009

I love my family

Tonight was one of those inexplicably amazing family nights. Nothing important I can point out. We didn't do some fabulous family outing. We didn't even eat a real dinner...mostly foraged on leftovers as hunger struck each of us.

But it was so filled with laughter. And you could just feel all the love emanating between each of us. Jack helping Andrew put on his Darth Vader costume. The boys' look of absolute, glowing love when Simone stood up and put on the Optimus Prime mask. They just lit up, shouting: "Baby-tron! Baby-tron!" There was wrestling and light-sabering galore. I did that trick with Simone where I chase the boys with her, and swing her so she kicks them in the abdomen as they run pass. All three of them (even Simone...heck, especially Simone!) laughed with gales of complete and perfect happiness.

Yes, folks...this is how our family creates joy. Tons of dress-up in action-film garb and playful violence. Nice.

I was so blown away that I get to be part of this family. This wonderful man - who vacuumed our house today and taught his sons the intricacies of light sabering. My beautiful sons, who punctuate hours upon hours of wrestling with the most sincere words of affection. Jack giving Andrew a toy, and Andrew saying: "That be so nice of you, Jackie." I could cry with love.

Simone was such a snuggle-bug today. She kept following the family clan around the house, burrowing her head into my lap to get in closer. I wanted to get Jack registered for his co-op classes next year before they filled up, so I headed to the other end of the house with the laptop. I was up in the front room (hiding, presumably), and within minutes, here came Simone. When she saw me, knowing her mission was complete, her face broke into the most beautiful, breathtaking smile. I love being this little girl's mama. And seconds later, the word was out...and the boys were in there too. My hiding place was suddenly filled with three little human beings within a 2 foot radius.

Some days, that magnetism gets old. When I need my space. Feel overstimulated. But sometimes, like tonight, it feels like an incredible gift in my life that these three little persons find so much re-fueling in being near me.

Jack, as we were moving them towards bed, kept promising me a "secret." The Secret was him blowing into my ear. Pure comedy for a 4-year-old. But what cracked me up most was how he'd lure me back again, regaining my trust. His acting was incredible! "No, Mom. I'm for real this time. I have a REAL secret. Trust me. It's not a joke." And then he'd blow into my ear, and scream with delight when I pretended to be shocked.

Or when I was tucking him in and he said: "I wish I were ALL the SuperHeroes."

And, Andrew...sweet Andrew...falling asleep in my arms watching the movie. Ah, Andrew. He is becoming a truly phenomenal, incredible little man. The things he says! The joy he brings. Steve was talking about him using that toy to pull open the drawer that was high up, and how neat it is to see him problem-solve like an older child. He's growing up so much.

He'll do these hilarious things, like start exclaiming (out of nowhere!) these things that happened days or weeks ago...but with all the dramatic flair as something that just happened. From the backseat, he started cheering and throwing up his hands in the air: "Last time you go to work...! Me and Daddy...we watch a movie!!! AND...we eat popcorn and watch Transformers!" This happened last week, when I taught on Friday night, but apparently it just sank in for him.

This kid knows how to throw himself into life.

My sweet children. Loud and messy. But I can't imagine how we found joy in life before finding it through them. It's hard to imagine life pre-children. This wouldn't have been my prediction for a fabulous Saturday night, but it's about the best I've ever had.

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