Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jack's Birthday Party

I have an addiction to birthday parties. Although that makes it sound like an involuntary, negative relationship with it. In fact, parties give me so much joy to plan. Now that we wrapped up Jack's astronaut party, I'm already strategizing ideas for Andrew's (presumed) Spiderman birthday, and wishing I didn't have to wait until December.

Love. Birthdays.

So I wanted to take some notes about what we did with his party...in case a friend is planning a Space party (I can send a link to this), or if Jack someday cares about his 5th birthday. For the sake of internet privacy for the other mamas, I'll keep all photos to our kiddos.

First off, we love cakes. And buying one at the store sounds like no fun at all, so Jack and I have been planning his cake for months. First, he wanted a moon-design with toy astronauts on it. Then a cake that looked like a Martian (I was a bit nervous about that one). And finally, we settled on a dome-cake with yellow frosting to be the sun, surrounded by cupcake "planets." Since we used natural food dyes and I was the artist, they aren't quite ready for the science textbooks:

Our next favorite: goody bags. The mere thought of them give me tingles. Jack too. We do love giving presents. We found some inflatable shuttles and space pencils in the Dollar Spot at Target a few months ago, and I put a homemade astronaut sticker (just return address labels printed with a clipart) onto some TJ's granola bars. I wanted them to have something to eat in the car. And finally, Martian Goo. I loved this stuff, and will likely re-circulate the idea for other parties too. Here's the recipe. I just put them in "snack size" ziplocs and made my own labels with the same sheet of return address labels I used for the astronaut sticker. I also made labels that said "Commander Jack" (or other child's name) for the outside of the bag, which was just a plain lunch sack.

Here's a photo of the loot:

Most of the activities revolved around running like mad men all over the house, which was planned. What did we expect when we invited 6 little boys (plus our 2!) over for the day? I loved the chaos, as it meant everyone was having a good time.

We did manage to grab a few children (as they flew past us) to make Rocket Boosters. Might work better with 2 bottles adhered together, but for the sake of "quick, fun activity," it was streamlined as much as possible. Definitely do the string cutting and tying part beforehand, so there's little to do during the party. Here are the raw materials, but packaging tape is also suggested for string adhering and batting down the foil.

And the resulting Rocket Booster that each child made, modeled by the birthday boy himself:

Food was the cake/cupcakes, as well as Astro-dogs (Applegate Farms hot dogs) and Asteroids (just tator tots, but don't tell the kids!). I also added some chlorella to a pitcher of water to make green "martian water." The kids loved it and it's good for their blood oxygen levels. ;) Heehee.

We also had a very special guest: Commander Steve. A friend loaned us the outfit, which made this a fun and free way to spice things up a bit. While he did roll his eyes a few times along the way, he was happy to make the boys' day with a "REAL" astronaut. =) He was a good sport (thanks, babe!).

Even Simone was in on the action, in her astronaut suit from Andrew's Halloween last year.
All in all, we had an awesome few hours with all the boys. They appeared to have a great time and Jack loved it. So that's what's important.

Here's a shot of my two boys at the party, although Andrew appears to be missing his astronaut suit. Or, for that matter...any clothes at all. Hmm. Seems to be a common issue.

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Patricia said...

You are the BEST at parties, I swear. It was "out of this world"!