Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Solving mom-mysteries

Ever since we got to Jack's "baseline" self without any wheat, dairy, or sugar cane, we've been amazed at how consistently calm and even-keeled he is. When there's an aberration, we can trace it back to something (like finding out that Olga put sugar in his tea).

For awhile, it seemed like he could tolerate occasional intake, but it seems like that's causing too much confusion in him. He moves into the "addiction" part of the food intolerance so quickly that he NEEDS the dairy daily. But then that makes for the crazy reactions that make him miserable. A tough decision. We're still going back and forth about that one.

Now that we have that baseline, though, it's astounding how obvious the problems are. Today, he'd had a great day...and then almost like a switch was pulled, he started acting out. He bawled over one of his balloon-swords breaking. Not like him. He started grunting and pushing Andrew out of the way. Definitely like him when he's had "off food." He loses the ability to communicate. And then, he wrote his name backwards. That's a biggie. Mainly because it's so glaringly obvious. He writes like Leonardo DaVinci if he's had an offending food. I wracked my brain about what had changed. He'd been here at home with his friend all day, so I know exactly what he ate.

And then I realized that we'd been playing with the dissection specimens with his friend. He'd touched the frog and starfish that were soaked in formaldehyde. Mystery solved. He washed his hands afterward, but it must have been the inhalation.

How interesting.

We did know that he has chemical sensitivities, just like me. He can walk in a room and say, "Did you make shrimp?" Not "fish." "Shrimp." His sense of smell is that specific. If I drink a swig of soda and then come downstairs and hug him minutes later, he'll say: "Your breath smells like Pepsi."

He's got that blue-eyed/blonde thing that points right to it. He was exclusively cloth diapered, even on multi-week road trips. We use only vinegar, baking soda, and Castile for cleaning the house. But I hadn't expected to see that kind of change with the dissection animals. Formaldehyde is a big one, though. I don't know what I was thinking.

These reactions make me so, so, so, so grateful (more than words can express) how much we learned about him early on. Seeing that shift in him today, and seeing how easily it's triggered, makes me glad that we were able to sift through his situations and find his True Self.

We'll still do his dissection stuff. But now I'll make sure to save it for a night we're ready for the reactions.

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