Friday, July 10, 2009

Miraculous machinery

Does it weird-out any other mothers that you made a person? I mean...a REAL person. She's toddling around the room, unloading my purse...chewing on a leather ball...eating a grape or two. She's trying to learn how to talk. She gives me kisses. She says "hello" into remote controls.

A real. live. person.


I was looking at a photo of all three kids, and was struck by their three sets of eyes. Fully functioning eyeballs that my body made. Tiny hairs on their arm. Teeth that grow.

This little creature trying to heave her way up onto the couch to sit near me. That this little brain makes a decision ("must sit on couch") and then the body can follow through. Little arms, little hands, little legs bending to pull herself up.

Her "I love you" is "Iiii...dada." How cute is that? She can't even hardly speak, but she's a completely legitimate human spirit.

Man, I love this little girl. She gets more breathtakingly precious every day.

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Whittney said...

Such a sweet thought. It is totally weird that we make people, but totally cool weird. It's just a thought to think one night your were loving your dh, and less than a year later there's a fully functional person as a result. For me it adds so much meaning to love.