Monday, August 10, 2009

Clowns and zebras

I'm missing Mom tonight. I want to show her the pictures of Simone in the clown suit at her birthday party today. She would love it. And, this realization that we are entering a whole new phase of Simone's longer a little baby, but a babbling walking little girl...and moving through the grief of what Mom will miss. There's so much joy about what she DID get to see that we never dreamed she'd get to experience, and I am usually bathed in this warmth that she met all of my children. But I want to pull her back for these her the pictures of Simone's sweet little clown self. She'd think it was so cute.

My dad got Simone's 1st birthday charm for her birthday. This adorable little pink cupcake. I love it. And I love the idea of building up her charms, like the ones my mom and grandma had. When I was looking around at charms they sold, I saw a little zebra one. I knew I had to get it. Zebras are what I use as a symbol for my mom, and I love finding them tucked away at different moments of life. Seeing it on her bracelet, to mark someone who loved her so much and had the miracle of meeting her, means a lot to me.

As I was going through the photos of the party, this one popped out at me. It wasn't a keeper for the photo of Simone, but I loved that the book was opened to a zebra. Hi, Mom. :)

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