Saturday, August 8, 2009

I *heart* food

I need to pay attention to the fact that I am most energized, creative, and at peace when I'm cooking. There's something important going on there.

It's why I played the opening scene to "Eat Drink Man Woman" about 20 times, and will force Steve to watch it too. The Master Chef cutting food was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

And why the first place I went in any foreign city was their open-air markets. Gorgeous. Marvelous scents. Colors. Yum.

Watching Andrew snip the fresh basil for pesto today, his tiny little fingers in the scissor handles, was such a lovely sight. Jack helping me slice carrots or cabbage for stew just stirred up so much emotion in me. I love doing things like that with them.

Our neighbor brought over the most incredible food from his garden. And then Simone, Andrew and I went to the Farmer's Market while Jack was at Russian this morning. Looking out at all that much potential!...made me just want to scoop it all up and bring it home. I came home and pureed all sorts of things (tomatoes, peppers, okra, bell peppers, butternut squash, spices) in the food processor and then popped it in the crockpot. It felt so good to make pasta tonight and then use the garden-grown sauce over it. And the fresh pesto we made today on the sourdough slices. I was the only one who liked the eggplant, in the end, but it still made me happy. :)

Getting some okra and then Googling for a recipe is one of the most creative pursuits I can use right now. It's something I can do that nourishes me on a soul-level, and is even better with children around.

I want my kids to love the kitchen. The smells, the textures, the colors. How to blend flavors and what foods go with what. How to take the seasonal vegetables and turn them into something you might have never thought of before.

Cooking makes me so happy.

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