Saturday, August 15, 2009


Someday, Simone, you might be a mother...and might have a moments of wonder like you've given me. As I watch my little girl toddle around the living room holding an apple slice, and wearing a flowered cotton dress from the thrift store. You look like such an angel.

How you came into the room the other day and saw your doll, where Dad tossed it over on the rug... and the giggle bubbled out of this tiny person, because you understood the humor of how she landed. Feet planted, head down, and butt up in the air. Downward Facing Baby. You loved it so much that you keep going back to that spot, mimicking how your doll was.

You are such magic in my life, sweet Simone. Your wise, sweet, funny baby self just lights up my whole world.

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Darcel said...

I love reading your post to your children. They are so beautiful!
Hope your weekend is great!