Thursday, September 24, 2009

Andrew meets HFCS

Andrew was a freaky-monster tonight. I let him have Sprite at Qdoba's, when we went with Steve's brother for dinner. Regret! I forget how off his rocker he gets on HFCS. Whoops. He had only a small amount, but he spent bedtime screaming, crying, and shouting generalities about stuff he hated (including me). Oh yes, and ripping all the pages out of his Superman book. He'll be so sad about that in the morning, after he sobers up.


When people ask how I manage to be so careful about the kids' food, I think about how it takes so much more effort to NOT watch the food than to pack snacks everywhere they go. He was miserable. It felt like child abuse to have given him the Sprite. It's like this lesson that I have to keep being re-taught over and over. He would have loved an apple juice just as much, with no screaming and book ripping.

Note to self. Note to self.

I finally realized that some Valerian might help, so I gave him some of that. Then told him we could go down to the dining room and he could scream as much as he wanted about how much he hated stuff. And me. He could punch the big stuffed tiger. He could cry as much as his heart needed. So we did that for a bit. It did seem therapeutic.

I think the Valerian kicked in and he seemed calmer, so I offered to read to him on the couch. I told him we'd read 3 pages, then we should head up to bed. He snuggled in and listened to the book, then let me carry him upstairs. I set him down in bed and tucked him in, and then he said in the sweetest, most angelic voice: "Would you rock me and call me your Big Big Boy?"

I just melted.

This amazing little spirit tucked away in that child. I took him over and rocked him, sang to him about what a big boy he was, and then his head crashed down on my arm like a big cement block. Asleep.

I think tomorrow, we might just stick to water.


H F W said...

Oh poor kiddo. I sometimes wonder what is in my toddler's diet that might cause these recenet meltdown's he's been having. And with the baby's red rash, I've also been evaluating my own diet. Thanks for your suggestions on the Ap board. I think it probably is something like diary in my diet. I think I'm going to need a diary-free support group or something, lol!!!

Sarahbeth said...

Sorry to hear about Gabe's meltdowns. That's no fun at all! If you need any help going dairy-free, let me know. If you're only avoiding dairy and not other things, there are actually SO many resources for you. It's when you avoid multiple things that grocery shopping gets tricky. :)

Just keep reminding yourself that the first 3 days are the WORST. Then it gets better. Whatever you can do to get through those first 3 days, do it. Don't be surprised if you're psychotically drawn to casein during the withdrawal. :) It's expected. Same with headaches, tiredness, irritability, etc. But on Day 4, most people feel great!

Let me know if I can help!