Friday, September 25, 2009

Circle of life

Andrew and I were snuggling this morning, after a rough night during the night. I was so, so tired and hoping he'd rest with me just a bit longer.

I stroked his hair and said: "You are getting SO big, my Andrew."

"Yes, I'm getting bigger and bigger. And maybe YOU guys are getting smaller and smaller! And then I'll hold you guys. And give you a little kiss."

Somehow, this erased all the tiredness of the long, torturous night of little sleep. To hear how it shaped his expectation of how we treat each other made it all worth it to me.

His words made me think of my mom's last day. When she looked so fragile in that hospital bed. I had this overwhelming desire to scoop her up in my arms and hold her and kiss her forehead, like I do with my children when they don't feel well.

How odd to think that my children might someday have that feeling about me.

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H F W said...

Beautiful moment ... really makes me think about how I treat my kiddos when I'm sleep deprived and cranky. Those moments will surely stivk with them, too.