Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Inventor Jack

Jack is on fire today. I can almost see his little neurons exploding, as he darts around the house making his inventions.

He made a little action figure for me out of pipe cleaners as we were driving home. Each color had a purpose: “The blue one is his water supply. It sucks up water and then sprays it on other plants. The red one sprays blood into other people. The orange one sprays orange juice into cups. And the green one cuts down plants so the snails can eat the food.”

His favorite toys today have been pipe cleaners, bungee cords from the dollar store (no worries...they aren't sharp), and those little snaps for mittens to connect to a coat. I've lost track of how many different things they've become.

He's in constant intellectual motion today, and has laser-like concentration about his Project of the moment. So beautiful and fun to watch. It's really amazing to watch these little persons create, become, and discover. Hands-down, it's the most energizing part of motherhood for me.

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