Saturday, September 12, 2009

Personal Evolution

There are 2 parts to personal evolution. One, the absolute joy at entering a new hallway of life. Realizing that now things are going to be easier/faster/better/more interesting...whatever. The second part is the disgust that you were doing it the harder/slower/worse/boring way before.


I managed to shave off perhaps 4-5 hours of my weekly work using my New Technique. I'll just leave it vague and unspecific, because the specifics of it would bore the heck out of everyone. Let's just say, it's brilliant.

Now, entering grades will take about 1/3 of the time. Love it! Work is even more gratifying when there's less busy work.

It will be even more exciting next week, on a Regular Work Week, as this week was my one week of the month that is sheer professional chaos. I still managed to do all sorts of fun things with the kids, which basically means even George Clooney wouldn't have been allowed to see my kitchen and/or living room this week. Housework is the first thing off the list. ;)

And, and for full disclosure, menu planning consisted of: "Find whatever is edible and please don't complain."

Next week, my New Technique will allow some extra hours to perfect the art of origami...learn how to artistically fold napkins...or sleep. :)

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