Sunday, October 25, 2009

Andrew has returned

Andrew is freakishly adorable today. We've had such a horrible week together. He was so ill-at-ease and unhappy...and despite having been through this connection-disconnection cycle thousands of times in parenting, there's always this thought hidden away that maybe this is the NEW Andrew (or Jack or Simone, depending on the week). Maybe this irritable, angry side is the one that will take the place of my wise, empathic, kind-hearted but crazy-souled Andrew.

But he's back. All the sweet, funny, smart, gentle aspects of his non-sick self are back, and I couldn't be happier. He came in after his nap today and just snuggled into my arm. So calm and limp-bodied. The tension from this last week was gone.

It is such a relief when his tide turns like this. Not just for how draining his horrible weeks are...but also, because I want to see him at peace. It's so hard to be disconnected from the little persons I love most.

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