Sunday, October 4, 2009

Big World

I have an insatiable need to explore. Ask my husband. My need is so overpowering that it couldn't help but rub off on him...and while he's a balancing element in my exploration, he's been brainwashed into being quite adventurous. I suspect our kids will be fairly mobile, even if not to different cities, we'll bounce around in other ways.

At first, we struggled with needing to give our children this solid geographical foundation. We needed to "grow up" and buy a 30 year home. And as I'm watching our family grow and learning our language as a family, I see how unnecessary it is. Yes, my dad still lives in the home where we moved when I was only one-year-old. And in some ways, there's a lot of great memories that wash over me when I step back into my childhood home. But that's not what created my foundation.

I'm realizing that we could move on a yearly basis and still give our children a solid foundation. That when it comes down to it, I want to show our children that all you really need is the people you love. I could easily discard all of our Stuff and roam the country in an RV. And I could look around at night, staring at my sleeping persons, and have the entire world right there in the cramped RV. Perfection.

I wonder where our children's lives will take them. We love, love, love Virginia Beach, and it will be our homebase for life. But taking a year in a foreign country or living in another city for Steve's schooling would be absolutely fine. And my soul feels tingles just contemplating the idea.

The other day I was at the store with the kids, and Jack pointed to some colored pencils. "Can I buy these colored pencils like they do in Russia? They don't use crayons or markers." So I bought the pencils, of course. ;) When I picked him up from his Russian session with Natalie today, I told her about it. She explained that in Russia, they never use crayons because it makes it too difficult to transition into writing. It trains children in the wrong grip, whereas colored pencils (if taught to hold it correctly) makes for better handwriting. I felt that tingle up my spine of a cultural experience. This sense of recognition that I'd been given a piece of life experience that I've never known.

It's why I love travel on an absolute soul level. Hearing about others' which we'd never even consider (no crayons?!)... makes me want to poke my head into every corner of the world.

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