Friday, October 2, 2009

Today's carseat conversations

On the way to his co-op school today, Jack told me I could just drop him off instead of bringing him inside. I told him I needed to pay them money, which shocked him. ("You pay them money for my classes?"). I said that the teachers were at work when they were teaching him. "When I go to work at night, I go to a classroom and teach people about English...or sometimes about economics."

Said Andrew (2.5): "Maybe sometime I'LL go to class with you, and I'll learn them about Spiderman!"

Professor Spiderman. I guess it IS his area of expertise.


Jack to Andrew, in a very excited voice: "Andrew...did you know that when you're SEVEN, I'll be a Grandpa?!"


Andrew to me: "Where did you find me? In your belly?"

"Actually, I grew you inside of my body."

Andrew: "How did you get me out? With your hands?"

"Well, I had to push you out. I squeezed my body so you'd come out."

"Hmm." Long pause while he thought about it. "When you get smaller like me, you can climb in MY body."

Thanks, kid.

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