Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Good Tidings

It seems so dismissive of the last 5 years of parenting to say that things are just beginning, doesn't it? And yet, I feel like we've been standing in a long roller coaster line at Disneyworld and finally got up to the front of the line. The fun is getting started!

Both Steve and I saw the New York City trip as a major turning point. I wonder if that's why my spirit needed it so much. To show ourselves that we could do it...we could take this impulsive (perhaps ill-planned) trip with all three little ones and make it magical.

And then we came home to Christmas. We start early, as Steve's parents come for Thanksgiving. So last year and this, we're having a fake early Christmas. Give the kids the Big Toys that we don't want to cart back to Chicago. Since Christmas is more fun with family, we'll do Thanksgiving on Thurs and Christmas on Saturday.

Thus, we decorated early. I shopped early, wrapped early, and we've been doing Christmas gift-making for months. In my ideal world, Christmas would last for months...so in our house, it does.

It seems like stretching it out makes it more about the season - family, giving to others, etc - and less about gifts. It's about rituals and traditions and that hazy glow of holidays that childhood memories have. I can't believe I get to be that for my kids now.

Putting up the tree this year, I was showing the boys their ornaments. I buy one for each of the kids for each year. And this year, they cared about them. Putting them on the tree. Hearing the story about why I picked it. Before now, it was just about my feelings about it. How fun to pick out an ornament to represent them. Seeing their pride in their ornament did something to me. I could feel it happening. Like all the great stuff about mothering these little people was exploding out of me.

I can't wait for Christmas this year. It will never be as good as this period now, with the young Santa-believing children, and how I get to create the wonderland for them.

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