Saturday, November 14, 2009

I *heart* NY

Words cannot describe how I feel, being in NYC with my children. It's like "my" motherhood is starting. The one that means so much to me on a soul level. Showing my children the world. Experiencing things. Taking them places. This is who I am as a mother.

Everyone has their flavor of mothering, I think, just like any other area of life. And this is mine. Walking down the streets of Manhattan with a child on each of our backs in a carrier, Jack splashing through puddles, is where I want our family to be. Maybe not Manhattan, necessarily, but just new places. New things. New scents. New sounds.

My heart feels so at peace. And I can't wait for what is ahead for our family.

Today was perfect. Truly. Perfect. Steve always rolled his eyes about the NYC plans, even as he agreed to be supportive and try. He'd say in his teasing voice, "It's possibly going to be the worst weekend of our lives. Three kids in New York?" And I'd say: "It might be! But we won't know if we don't try." :) I think he knew my travel essence would possibly implode if it wasn't given a chance to breathe. Let the tiger out of the cage for a little stroll. I needed to have this, and he knew that, so he was a great sport. And then...we got here. And had today. And it did something to him on a soul level, too. We both felt the glow.

Like seeing Lauren last night in NJ. Catching up with an old friend, like no time had passed at all. He came with us into the city today, so that eased a lot of the learning curve about a new place - leaving only the positives of novelty.

The Children's Museum of Manhattan. We walked 20 blocks. I thought I wouldn't be able to do it - I was wearing boots with heels - but my excitement fueled me. It was raining a bit. We didn't care. Got in free with our membership from the other Children's Museum. Lovely.

Then, Toys R Us in Time Square. Time Square! Steve has never been to New York City, so this was all new to him. It's been years for me. We bought tickets to the ferris wheel inside the store, and I prepared the boys that we couldn't choose our car. They were all different designs (Barbie car, firetruck, My Little Pony), and I feared we'd get the Barbie car and the boys would be so disappointed. They don't even know who Barbie is. :) When the wheel stopped, it was the firetruck. They both lit up, and Jack said: "That is the BEST one!" I couldn't believe it.

Andrew was so excited that Spiderman lives in New York City, so he kept waiting to see him. Turns out, Toys R Us has a Spiderman character that walks around taking pictures with the kids. Unbelievable! So they felt like they saw him "live." :) I'll keep that picture forever.

The Central Park Hostel is everything we could have dreamed. I didn't hold my breath, as I was too suspicious of a $134 private studio apartment on the Upper West Side. But it's so clean. Just a block of Central Park. And has the floating foreign languages that I've always loved about hostels. We'll be back here, definitely, and will stay here, definitely.

On the way home to the hostel, at the end of a long, perfect travel day, Steve and I were talking about how much we'd love to come back. And then we passed a sign saying that "Spiderman" is coming to Broadway after February 25th. Hmm. I think we might need to look into that. :)

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