Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rain Day

When I made the plans for the trip to New York City this weekend, it was because our family needed a break. We'd had such disparate schedules and so many puzzle pieces of life to fit together, we'd rarely been traveling on the same path the last few months. Friday night and Saturday are our big family days, because my Sundays are crazy-busy with my deadlines (holed up in my room most of the day, doing work), and Mon-Thurs I don't really see Steve much at all...between my night teaching and his grad school.

Quality vs. quantity time can take you so far, but then at some point, you need quantity again. :) So I booked a room off Central Park for two nights, we're staying with Larsy for one, and we'll have about 3 full days in NYC.

Well, yesterday was Veteran's Day, which took me by surprise. A holiday on Wednesday? What the heck? So we had Steve all day. Then today, we had the most unbelievable storm and he had a rain day off work. Same with tomorrow. So what was going to be a 3-day weekend (taking off Monday), became a very unexpected 6 day weekend.

We had an absolutely wonderful day today.

I slept in yesterday. Steve slept in today. He normally gets up at 5:30, so this is big news.

There was such a cozy feeling in the house today. We painted, made cookies, Steve did science experiments with the boys using leftover Halloween candy, I made play-doh for the kids and they played with it for a long time. There were a few recreational, long baths for the kids - where they don't necessarily get clean, but they have fun.

I showed Jack a picture of an aluminum foil sculpture, and he made all sorts of creations out of aluminum foil: dinosaur, pirate ship, a snail, and a river leading into the ocean (hard to explain...wish I'd taken a picture before it was destroyed).

Andrew and I went out grocery shopping for a few emergency items (like eggs for the cookies) and WOW it was horrible out. It felt so good to run back home and snuggle into the family moment again.

Snow/rain days have such a different feel from weekends. Since they're a bonus day, they seem more relaxed. This was different from a Saturday, for some reason.

Jack said at one point: "This has just been the BEST day of my life." I know what he means.

Oh, and since Steve and Jack had school cancellations tomorrow, we get to leave to NYC first thing in the morning instead of 2:30. Life is good.

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