Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"This isn't about silly stuff."

Today was a wretched weather day. Cold, pouring rain, windy, and just miserable. I wouldn't have gone out at all, except we needed road-trip food for the trip to New York City this we went to Trader Joe's. I looked like I was in a horror film by the time we got inside - make-up smeared, hair wet and stringy. Good times.

On the way back home, Jack said: "Even though the weather is horrible, there are still good things about it. We can stay home and watch a movie...sit on the couch and read a book...lay down and rest a bit..."

And then Andrew: "...And poop a little bit."

J: "Andrew, this isn't really about silly stuff."

A: "I'm bein' serious, Jackie!"

Jack, pondering, and then: "Hmm. Well, I can't even poop right now because I'm in my car seat."

Words can't describe how much joy it brings me, hearing these two little men interact in my backseat. You never know what it might bring.

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