Thursday, November 19, 2009

When I'm a Grandma

Jack asked me if when I was a Grandma, I would take his kids to New York City. This made my soul so happy. Then he said:

"Oh! I have a secret. But don't tell my kids!" Then he leaned in really close to whisper in my ear. "When you're their Grandma, will you take them to the cabin zoo that has huge dinosaurs that act like the real ones?"

So sweet. When he went to the cabin with Grandma Candy, that same trip they also went to Brookfield Zoo to see the robotic dinosaurs. He must have thought it was the "cabin zoo." Hearing that memory welling up in him was just one more validation about how important grandparents are. It's a relationship that can't be replicated as a parent, since it's all about the "fun stuff" and not embroiled in the daily maintenance tasks. I think children need someone like that loving them, when there's not the energy drain that can so easily happen at the end of long days or weeks of parenting.

I'd love to bring his children to New York City.

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