Friday, December 18, 2009

May the force be with us

I was sorting mounds of laundry in our bedroom, and in came Jack and Andrew...fighting with light sabers.

Jack's is homemade (despite having 10 other light sabers in the house...literally). He made it out of a toilet paper roll, wrapping paper roll, tape and construction paper.

Andrew has a Target-issued version, and he has the most unbelievable sound effects and authentic stances. He's wearing a Ralph Lauren polo he found in his drawer...backwards AND inside out.

And then, beaming, in comes Simone with her light saber too. She is still naked from her recreational morning bath and her face is covered in blueberry stains from breakfast. Flailing her light saber madly, looking so joyful she might burst. She loves those boys.

Who we are, each of us, is in there somewhere. Jack's inventive creativity that always takes everyday things to a new level of individuality. Andrew's quirky but beautiful spirit that makes everything interesting. And Simone...just so happy to be here, being part of it all. Such a colorful part of the family. We must have been so boring without her.

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