Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Andrew, do you know what "hate" means?

Andrew's memory and observation astound me. I had concerns before he was born that magic would wear off with Child #2 - as if it expired after the first child. Andrew came along with such spirit, such spunk, and so many amazing attributes that he can't be watered-down in any way.

Driving past our neighbor's house, he said: "Hey, they took down the Santa Claus." They'd had a Santa doll in their second floor balcony, on the rocking chair. I didn't even know he'd noticed.

And then, minutes later, we drove past an apartment complex. He pointed to the "Welcome" sign and said: "Where did the balloons go? Did they fly away? Did someone take them? They're not there any more." They used to have balloons tied on, which I hadn't really thought about until he mentioned they were gone.

His visual memory is astounding. And all these little details that are never mentioned or referenced, he's still indexing them as he goes.

Young children's brains are like new computers, and it's fascinating to watch.


A hilariously charming backseat story (at least, hilariously charming to their mother):

Andrew (just turned 3), as we were driving past the YMCA where they sometimes go with Steve: "Hey, are we going to the YMA? I don't like the YMA. I HATE the YMA and I never ever again want to go there."

Jack (5.5): "Andrew, do you know what 'hate' means? It means you wish something didn't exist."

Andrew, contemplating: "Ooooh."

Jack: "Do you wish the YMCA didn't exist?"

Andrew: "A kid hit me there. A small kid. He hit me in the waist!" Long pause. And then with a somber confessional tone: "Actually...he hit me in the penis."

Jack, in absolute shock: "Whaaaaat?!?"

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Laura said...

I agree...completely hilarious!! I love your kids, they crack me up!!