Thursday, January 21, 2010

Birds and the bees

Andrew has been asking a lot about his birth story. I find this absolutely charming, how much he asks to hear it. And he always looks so delighted by the end, when he comes out of me and I hold him and say: "It's my boy! I love you so much! I'm your mommy." His eyes light up and he looks like he feels so loved. But even more amusing/charming to me is how he looks like it's a surprise ending that he's never heard before. ;)

What a sweet, sweet child.

For my notes to myself:

Andrew told Casey last night, "Ella gets her hair from you and my daddy, and Audrey and Monie get their hair from my mommy." (Ella has dark hair like Casey and Steve; Audrey has blonde hair like Simone and me.)

Casey: "So where do you get your nice red hair?"

Andrew: "From Jackie, but not MY Jackie... the other Jackie, the big Jackie." Jackie *does* have the same color as Andrew - the deep copper. How funny, the way his little mind creates connections.

Casey told me: "I love's like he had come up with this awhile ago, but was just letting me know. He is adorable."

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